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Making your life easier

There are a variety of aids, gadgets and other equipment available to help you manage your pain. They can also help reduce stress on your muscles and joints, save energy, prevent fatigue and basically make your life easier.

Aids and equipment can help you with everything from cooking, cleaning, bathing, writing, mobility, technology and driving.

You may be able to modify some objects that you already own – e.g. if you have sore hands, foam tubing can be used to create an easier grip on your pens. Or you may need special equipment for specific situations – e.g. tap turners to help you turn the water tap on or off; pick-up reachers to help you pick items up off the floor; or grab rails beside the bath/shower to help you get in and out of the tub.

Some of these items can be made by a home handyperson or you can buy them from medical suppliers, pharmacies, hardware or other stores.

If installation is required, a competent home handyperson can sometimes do the job, but local tradies and sometimes local councils can also arrange installation. Grab rails, bath seats and other aids must be properly installed or else they’re dangerous!

The range of aids, equipment and other gadgets available is enormous, so you might want to speak with an occupational therapist to get specific information and advice. Occupational therapists work in the public and private sectors. You can access them through public and private hospitals, community health centres, vocational rehabilitation centres, independent living centres and private practice.

Statewide Home Health Care are also available to help you. They provide information and displays of products and services available to make your life easier.

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Personal perspectives

I love to garden and have discovered thick handled gardening tools. They make pruning much easier.

– Mary

I have a fold-up walking stick that fits perfectly into my bag. I always have it on hand, just in case I need it. And it has a really fun, young design so it doesn’t look like something your Pop would use.

– Natalie

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