Rheumatoid arthritis self-care plan

A plan to help you understand, manage and live well with rheumatoid arthritis

Being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis can be frightening. It can make you feel lonely, angry and confused. That is why Musculoskeletal Australia’s self-care plans are an essential tool to support you as you navigate your musculoskeletal health journey.

Developed in collaboration with consumers (like you) who live with rheumatoid arthritis, health care professionals, researchers and other experts, our self-care plans are specially designed to empower you. Self-care plans are about supporting you to be an active participant and driver of your musculoskeletal health. Understanding your condition, making sure you are aware of treatment options and being a central part of your health care team means you can make choices and decisions that will help…YOU!

Musculoskeletal Australia’s self-care plans have been developed thanks to the generous support of AbbVie.

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Overview of Plan

The first of our self-care plans is focused on RA or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Whether you are starting out on your RA journey or have been navigating your expedition for some time, this self-care plan has been developed specifically for YOU!

Our RA self-care plan is designed to be used by YOU for your unique circumstances. We know there is a lot of Information out there which can be overwhelming and confusing. This self-care plan helps you to work through all that information in a way that suits you. It is easy to understand, practical and most importantly puts YOU in control as you navigate your RA journey.

Tips and Tools

Tip 1 – Don’t sit down and read the RA self-care plan from beginning to end! Your RA journey is unique to you. So is your RA self-care plan! Scan the plan. Focus on the areas that are most concerning you and start there. Put the plan down and ‘digest’ the information and what it means for you. Then come back to it and start another section.

Tip 2 – Make notes, jot down questions as you build your self-care plan

Tip 3 – Take a copy of your RA self-care plan to appointments with your health care team and discuss your thoughts, questions and understanding of what is right for you

Tip 4 – Knowledge is POWER! Improving your health literacy, understanding RA, and being aware of your treatment and management options is essential.

This is your musculoskeletal health journey. Musculoskeletal Australia’s RA self-care plan is an essential tool to support you to navigate that journey.

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