We celebrate the achievements of people or organisations that have raised awareness of arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions, or have had a positive impact on people living with these conditions through the following awards:

Dr Helen Moran Gift

Dr Helen Moran’s career as a rheumatologist and distinguished service to her patients continues to be remembered and honoured by the establishment of The Dr Helen Moran Gift.

This award encourages the career of emerging rheumatologists and early career researchers to undertake clinical, epidemiological or health services research in musculoskeletal health.

Recipients of the Dr Helen Moran Gift

2016: Dr John Moi
‘Back pain Assessment Clinic (BAC) based in Primary Care – a safe, effective and cost-saving model. Results of a 12-month pilot project’.

2015: Dr Kimberley Ting
‘Prevalence and associations of gout and hyperuricaemia: Results from an Australian population-based study’.

2014: Dr Alannah Quinlivan
‘Cost savings with a biomarker-based screening algorithm for pulmonary arterial hypertension in systemic sclerosis’.

2013: Dr Andrew Teichtahl
‘The relationship between weight loss and reduced cartilage loss in the medial knee joint is linear in obese people’.

2012: Dr Sern Chin Lim, Dr Jane Munro, Dr Roger C Allen and Dr Jonathan D Akikusa
‘Case mix in paediatric rheumatology: implications for training in Australia’.

Lorin Prentice Memorial Award

Initiated by the daughters of Lorin Prentice, this award celebrates a person or group who has made an outstanding contribution to raising public awareness of arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions.

Recipients of the Lorin Prentice Memorial Award

2014: The Australian Financial Review
The Lorin Prentice Award for 2014 was awarded to the Australian Financial Review for their Healthcare 2.0 campaign.

2013: Professor Peter Ebeling; Body+Soul (Herald Sun & Sunday Herald Sun)

2012: Professor Peter Choong; Dr Alex Stockman

2011: Dr Paul Lam; Mark Holden

2010: Professor Richard Osborne

Margaret Strang Award

This award, established by Dr Roderick Strang in memory of his wife Margaret, is awarded to people who have made an outstanding personal achievement in the face of difficulty resulting from their arthritis or musculoskeletal condition.

Recipients of the Margaret Strang Award

2014: Thalia Salt
Ten year old Thalia, who has lived with osteoarthritis since she was 10 months old, has been an outstanding fundraiser and promoter of public awareness over the past year. After seeing Arthritis Awareness Week advertised in her local health centre calendar, Thalia organised her own fundraising cake stall at the Riddell’s Creek Farmers Market. Her main motivation was to explain to people that kids get arthritis too and that it can affect them in many ways.

2013: Nicole Yeomans

2012: Renate Kupfer; Melissa Coulson

2011: Dr Jane Munro; Shelagh Mason-Jones

2010: Naomi Creek

Mollie Riches Award

The Mollie Riches Award was established in 1972 to celebrate peer support groups that have made a significant contribution to raising community awareness of arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions, provided quality support and furthered their own growth.

Recipients of the Mollie Riches Award

2015: Young Adults with Arthritis+ Support Group; Young Women’s Arthritis Support Group

2014: Moe/Narracan Arthritis Self Help Group; Frankston FMS/CFS Self Help Support Group

2013: Bairnsdale Fibromyalgia Peer Support Group; Ballarat Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Self Help Group

2012: Glen’s Goldies – Yarra Junction; Narre Warren Arthritis Self Help Group

2011: Pakenham Arthritis Self Help Group Inc; Bendigo Arthritis Support Group

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