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Let’s face it, most people think only old people get arthritis, or some may know that it can affect working age people. But kids?? Very few people know that. This can make you feel very alone.

So it’s great when you can connect with a community of people who know exactly what you and your family are going through.

We have several ways for you to connect with other families:


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Teen Talk

If your young person would like to chat with other young people who live with a musculoskeletal or chronic pain condition, get them to check out our online chat group, Teen Talk. For more information about how Teen Talk works, have a look at our page here.

My son, aged 14, has had SLE for 12 years of his life. This chronic condition has meant frequent trips for appointments, treatments, numerous medication/side effects, mental health implications and looking physically different from his peers. Accessing Teen Talk has provided my son with online friends that ‘get him’. It’s a specialised service that is much needed!”

Mum of one of our Teen Talk participants.


Three or four times each year, we run webinars relevant to families of children living with a musculoskeletal condition. Topics so far have included ‘Communicating Effectively with your Child’s School’, ‘Transition from Paediatric to Adult Care’ and ‘Encouraging good mental health in children with a chronic musculoskeletal condition’.

For a full list of webinars, check out our video page and be sure to sign up to our newsletter below to be first to hear about upcoming events.

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