Stress and Pain

A manageable part of life

“I have a drum set in my dressing room. I play drums to relax and have some fun.”¬†– Queen Latifah¬†

Stress is a part of life. You can feel stressed when there’s a deadline looming, or you’re caught in traffic, or you’re having trouble sleeping. These are the everyday stresses we all live. We can generally handle these small amounts of stress.

But if you’re constantly stressed, this can have an impact on your health and wellbeing. It will also make your pain worse.

So it’s important to be aware of your stress levels, and deal with your stress effectively before things get out of control.

Many of the strategies that you use to manage your pain can be used to manage stress, including: breathing, exercising, pacing, talking with a friend, meditating, guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation and doing something you enjoy (e.g. reading, gardening, walking your dog, playing music).

Talk with a professional, such as your doctor of psychologist, if you’re regularly finding it difficult to keep your stress under control.

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