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The support of your family, friends and those around you is important. Research has shown that people who have positive social support cope better with their pain.

Whether it’s knowing that you have people around who love and care for you, or are happy to help when you need it, or are there to encourage and support you through the good days and bad, support from the people closest to you is invaluable.

As well as this inner circle of family and friends, having the support of your healthcare team is essential. Being able to discuss your pain and your treatment plan openly with them will lead to better outcomes for you.

Finally, there’s nothing like talking with someone who knows what living with pain is like. Sometimes you might need to talk with a friend who also lives with pain. Or you might want to look into joining a peer support group. They’re available all over the country. Some meet face-to-face, while others connect via social media and websites.

Call us on 1800 263 265, or email for group details.

And with online support, you’re not just limited to Australian groups. There are some very interesting forums, social media pages and blogs all around the world. If you find some you like, don’t forget to bookmark them or join them so that you can get back in touch when you need support.

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