Understanding Pain

Your pain and your condition

What do you know about your pain? Do you know what’s causing it? Do you know what makes it better, and what makes it worse? Do you know the things that trigger a flare? What are your treatment options? What can you expect in the future? 

Knowing as much as possible about your pain means that you can make informed decisions and play an active role in the management of your condition. Ask questions, talk with your healthcare team and access good quality information.

Listen to your body and understand your pain, and you’ll be able to take control and get more out of life. 

Personal perspectives:

 I’ve lived with [my condition] and pain for most of my life so I know how important it is to understand as much about it as possible – and to keep learning because things change as [my condition] changes. – Lisa 

“The Routine”- the unique routine I have negotiated with my body – is my authentic daily dialogue with my own body. It’s not always a friendly conversation, but it’s my key to living with chronic pain; accepting that pain as an integral part of my life – of ME. – Matthew

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