We want to hear about your experiences with our staff and programs, whether good or bad.

At Musculoskeletal Australia, we’re committed to providing the best programs and services possible for people with, or at risk of developing, musculoskeletal conditions. To help us continually improve, we want to hear about both good and bad experiences that people have had with our staff and services.

That’s why your feedback – whether a compliment or complaint – is appreciated.

Honest feedback is important because it may make something better for you and lead to better services and support for people with musculoskeletal conditions. It may also help us identify areas for improvement and enhance service and program delivery.

You can make a compliment or complaint by:

  • Phone: General Manager, Corporate Services on +61 3 8531 8000
  • Mail: Compliments and Complaints,
    General Manager, Corporate Services,
    Musculoskeletal Australia,
    PO Box 130
    Caulfield South 3162
  • Email:


We encourage any consumer who would like to compliment our organisation, programs, staff or volunteers, to send their compliment in writing.


We‘re committed to working with you to address your complaint.

We’ll respond to written requests within five working days and will return phone calls within 48 hours.

We’re committed to resolving all complaints and seeking mutually satisfactory outcomes where possible.

If you’d like to read our complete Complaints Handling Policy and Procedure, please phone or email and a copy will be forwarded to you.

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Musculoskeletal Health Australia (or MHA) is the consumer organisation working with, and advocating on behalf of, people with arthritis, osteoporosis, back pain, gout and over 150 other musculoskeletal conditions.

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